Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Give to Goodwill, Yes or No?

There are many things that can be donated to Goodwill:

or maybe these:

but certainly NOT this:

Apparently in the town of Fenton, Michigan, an urn full of ashes appeared at the local Goodwill.  The box it was in was labeled, appropriately (or inappropriately) "Grandma's Urn". Ten inches tall and weighing 10 pounds (that's a shit-ton of ashes), Goodwill Manager Allen Ryckman (not the actor playing Severus Snape in Harry Potter) says it is the #1 or #2 weirdest item ever received. (source)

So remember, when selecting items to donate to Goodwill, make sure you don't give granny's remains away.

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  1. Wow! You'd think the person donating the urn would have had the decency and compassion to at least put grandma's ashes to rest in a nice little garden or something.