Monday, August 1, 2011

The 'Next Blog' Button

or what else is on blogger...

I've always wondered what others blog about, and by 'others', I mean people who's blogs I don't have linked to my page, so i got to thinking, let's use the 'Next Blog' button and see where we go.
To simplify things, i separated the results into the following categories: Religious, Sports, Family, Politics, Hobbies, Snarky/Sarcastic, Cultural (including blogs about travel and blogs in a foreign language), food, and the good old 'Other' category taking all the uncategorizable blogs and dumping them there.
Also, if I ran into a blog without the 'Next Blog' button at the top, I went back to the previous blog and hit 'Next Blog' again.  Rinse and repeat 99 times until I checked out 100 other blogs.
Here's what I found:
Religious: 7
Sports: 1
Family: 27
Political: 8
Hobbies: 11
Snark/Sarcasm: 5
Cultural (w/ travel & in foreign languages): 21
Food: 8
Other: 12
Some thoughts about this 'Project':
A lot of people like to blog about their real-life families, and most are very nice and complementary.  Many of those focus on their kids, which is sweet, i suppose.
Not as many political blogs as I thought there would be, which is refreshing since the major views have their own fucking TV networks.
I started getting bored of the blogs in foreign languages that I could not read, at one point I got five in a row, which leads me to my next thought:
It seemed after the first 10 hits, that it continued to stay in a particular genre of blog, which was rather annoying.  I figured it would start with mine (which is rife with sarcasm) and continue to pull those up. Alas, I was wrong.
One lady had a blog fully devoted to the color green.
There were 3 blogs devoted to pet fish and aquariums.
Two blogs were devoted to high-heeled shoes, and the authors were female (thank goodness).
And one blog devoted to the fetish of spanking.

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