Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Gym Locker Room (or Too Many Nude Dudes in the Room)

I know that  gym locker rooms have the propensity to have guys briefly strip down while changing or after showering, and that's just dandy.  It doesn't really affect me one iota.  I can even tolerate guys that change clothes at a snail's pace by their locker.  I draw the line at this:

There is no compelling reason that obese, sweaty men need to stand or sit around for excessive amounts of time completely nude.  There are even ones so fucking brazen that they won't even bother taking a towel or drawers to the shower to put on when they are done.  Nude at the locker, nude walking to the shower, nude walking back to the locker...well, you get the point.
Get a damn towel and wrap it around you, is it that tough?  Apparently, every day is one fine day to be nude:
(Apologies if the quality sucks)


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  2. Could not agree more.

    I can't stand walking into the locker room, only to see some (completely naked) fat guy blow-drying his genitals. It keeps happening. When did this become OK??

  3. It's a locker room everyone should be naked in there. What's the big deal. If seeing an old guy blow drying his genitals bothers you then you are spending to much time looking at others and not enough time washing and taking care of you own hygene. The guys today and becoming much to much like woman all uptight and embarrassed in the guys locker room. We are men we should not be embarrassed or seeing other guys naked no matter what age.