Thursday, April 14, 2011

A Blast From the Past

Recently I purchased the new 25th Anniversary Super Mario Brothers game for the Wii.  Simply put, it is a newer, cooler-looking Super Mario All-Stars.  I grew up with Super Mario, Super Mario 2, and Super Mario 3.  After I heard about the game when it came out for SNES, I was itching to try Super Mario: Lost Levels. So I bought this:

Unfortunately for me, I purchased a Sega Genesis for the sports games and more realistic games (blood actually appears in Mortal Kombat, hella risque for 1993).  I've given the Lost Levels its fair shake, and it's fun - a little harder than the original, but fun.  I appreciate the fact that I can jump over the flagpole without using Game Genie (anyone remember that?)

Trolling the internets last week, I came across these two adaptations for the super brothers-

The original Super Mario Bros. game as a First-Person Shooter:

and Mario and Luigi in Grand Theft Auto:

The second clip is longer, but still awesome to think about.  How I hope that the Grand Theft Auto version would be made.  Alas, that hope is futile - there is not a chance in hell that Rockstar would ever partner with Mario.

Here's to wishing!

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