Tuesday, April 12, 2011

An Open Letter...

Dear Loud Sir,

You probably were unaware of how loud you were talking into your slim little flip phone outside of the cafeteria.  I'm sure you are also unaware of how cell phones work - there is a volume button on your phone so you can hear the person with whom you are speaking.

Did you also know that the person on the other end of the call also has a volume button so they can hear you yelling ever so loudly into your phone? I bet not.

As I am trying to have a conversation with a man five feet or so from you, I am slowly going deaf in my left ear from you shouting three or four words at a time into your phone.  Have you ever heard of text messaging?  That requires no vocal cords and no volume adjustment either.  Amazing!  You sir, are a douchecanoe. 

Outside of the cafeteria, there is construction on a sitting garden for patients to sit during nice days.  The construction is noisy with heavy machinery.  Guess what asshat, while I was trying to converse, the noise of machinery vanished!  That's fucking amazing...or it would be if your lack of auditory control would not have ruined the absence of noise.

When I finished my conversation (can I even call it that, since neither the guy I was talking to or myself could hear each other) and walked away, I could still hear you, and someone else commented to me about 50 feet away from you - 'Damn, that guy is loud.'  He was right, you were damn loud and your conversation was of no importance since all I heard was you shouting numbers.

There is no way you couldn't be partially deaf with the lack of cell phone etiquette.  I and everyone else that could hear you beg, please consider purchasing hearing aids so you do not infect anyone else with acquired deafness.

Have a fantastic day!

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