Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Cat Who Swam Far

(Or, the feel-good story of the week)

If you don't know this by reading the 'about me', I have a soft spot for animals.  I & my wife have adopted 4 animals, 3 from shelters and 1 from a barn. I donate to worthy animal causes and get irritated (read outraged) by animal cruelty stories in the news.
Apparently a cat really wanted to get out of New Jersey.  She was found covered in salt water and seaweed on Governor's Island, NY.  I suppose that there are many reasons to get out of New Jersey, but is New York really that better of an option?  Either way, it is a nice story, and if her owners aren't found (and even if they are), hopefully she will be adopted out to a loving family.

See said cat (some of the story comments on the bottom insist on calling her Seaweed - not bad):

The headline is awful - "Calico Cat does the Dog Paddle. Weak.  How about, "Cat swims harbor to leave New Jersey"?

She looks pissed that she had to pose for a picture.  Strangely enough, she sort of looks like my calico cat.
Have a great weekend!

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